The Beacon for Global Inclusion Awards

The School for Global Inclusion and Social Development at UMass Boston is pleased to present the second annual Beacon for Global Inclusion Awards. These awards honor individuals and organizations who empower individuals to achieve inclusion in their communities. Increased inclusion can happen through poverty alleviation, greater access to education, and shifting power to a broader base across a population. Our honorees work across disciplines and fields to create lasting change from the ground up.

Nominees are selected from two categories: a local (greater Boston) awardee, and an organization at the national/international level. Please join us to celebrate this year's extraordinary honorees. 


Dorothy Stoneman

Youth Build LogoDorothy Stoneman is the founder and CEO of YouthBuild USA. YouthBuild involves young people living in low-income neighborhoods in service projects, such as building affordable housing in their communities. Since 1994, over 130,000 YouthBuild volunteers in the U.S. have performed 40 million community service hours. YouthBuild International extends this work through programs in 15 countries around the world.


Partners in Health

Partners in HealthPartners In Health brings high-quality medical care to people living in some of the world's poorest places. Its priority programs address ebola, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, women's health, and more. Partners In Health's doctors and nurses work in countries including Haiti, Nepal, Rwanda, Peru, and Russia, as well as with the Navaho Nation here in the U.S.